About me

“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.” – Ralph Marston

Me? Me it’s just me.
I? I it’s just I.
my self? My self it’s just my self.
Me. I. and my self it’s just ordinary girl with extraordinary dream.

Little bit crazy if see a camera 🙂

saiia itu :

*Was born on September 11th 1991

*Lives in Karawaci Tangerang

*My name: Firdha nalurita Septiarini Suganda

* Call me dida .

* Youngest child of the spouse father Rahmat Suganda and mother Masfupah

*My Mommy and My Father is  Sundanesse

* Youngest sister from teh Sari , teh Santy , teh Ninis .

* Virgo girl

* Aunt from the (temporary) 3 nephews
^ faizaan Muhammad Thalha (3 years)
^ Kenzie Ataus Salam (1 years)
^ Tahani Amtul Malik (2 years)

* I have Chubby-cheeked.

* Thick eyebrows.

* Flicks her eyelashes also. 🙂

* Snub nose. : (

*Cranky handyman.

* Narcissistic final stage.

* Emotional girl.

* Selfish.

* Youngest child.

* The most hated FROGS!

* The next is up to you to assess


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